FORTUNE with a wish – Monkey

FORTUNE with a wish – Monkey


For the longest of time Latvians have always cherished different rituals and one of the oldest and most beautiful New Years traditions is Fortune telling by melting small pieces of led. What awaits us in year 2022? Find out how to prepare and cast your fortune correctly!

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To melt your little fortune piece you need an open fire. The fastest way would be a gas stove but a candle light can be enough as-well although it may take more time. You will also need a metal bowl or a bucket filled with cold water, a metal table spoon or a metal ladle that you can sacrifice for this ritual, because the melted lead will stick to your spoon, and you wont be able to use it anymore.
! Its very important that you pour your own fortune for this to work !
Before melting the fortune piece of lead you have to take out the little paper note thats inside. If it is complicated use tweezers.
Put the lead fortune piece in the metal spoon/ladle
Hold the spoon above the fire and wait until lead has completely melted in a liquid form.
Now quickly pour the melted lead in the cold water
Wait a minute till the form in the water has cooled down
Take it out of the water and try to see your future in a new shape! Also you can move it in front of a light and search for your future hints in the shadow!
Good luck and may your future be bright!
!!! Caution:
To avoid dangerous splashing: when you poor the melted lead in the water you have to do it fast, and the spoon has to be as close to water as possible. Do not leave your kids unattended while doing this. Be aware of the open fire. Once the lead the lead has melted put out the fire.

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