Inta Filmm Boutique Postcard | Moment in Latvia summer

Inta Filmm Boutique Postcard | Moment in Latvia summer


There’s a story behind every photo. Moment, scope of the present. The author of this postcards is Guntis Skalde (1932 – 2002). In parallel to his passages as a chemistry teacher, he was also an avid photographer. He loved to be in nature, traveling and experimenting with the available photo hardware of that time. The pictures have come in different decades – 1950, 1960, 1970, most of them in Latvia, but also elsewhere in Europe, searching for the best moment to capture.

With the postcards his granddother Madara Siliņa wanted to give her grandfather’s creative work a second breath, which is the project – IntaFilmmBoutique – Inta was his wife, Madaras grandmother, his muse and life-long companion.

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Product Description

Each card has been a slide, mostly 35 mm.
Scanned, with a bit of magic and love to become as beautiful product.

Postcard 14×10 cm/Inch 5,5×4
Paper: serixo 300g

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