Pikka Candles No. 17 Under The Fig Tree

Pikka Candles No. 17 Under The Fig Tree


A deep and earthy aroma that invites to the wild fields of the South. There grows a beautiful fig tree, where dark, juicy figs ripen. Beneath it grows dark green, fresh-smelling grass, violets blooming nearby. A soft hint of coconut brought by the Southern wind. This aroma is fresh and soothing like nature itself. Irresistable notes of fig, vetiver, green leaves, violet and coconut.

Product Description

Perfect choice for those who appreciate rich, earthy scents.

Top notes: green leaves, citrus, black fig

Middle notes: vetiver, coconut, cedar, violet

Base notes: tonka beans, amber

Wax: 100% natural blend of European rapeseed wax and coconut wax
Fragrances: Premium quality fragrance oils
Wicks: Pure cotton wicks
Candle holders: Fireproof, suitable for candles. Easily washable with warm soapy water – we recommend reusing them as small flower pots, pencil holders, etc.!

Children and pets
Our candles are safe to burn in the presence of children and pets as long as the candle is out of their reach, however, for safety reasons, the candle must not be burned for longer than 3 hours at a time (the small 55g candle for more than 2 hours at a time)..

Attention! There is a safety label on the bottom of each candle, which indicates the allergens and the ingredients of the fragrance oils.

Net weight: 160g Burn time: 45-50 hours
Size: D 65mm X H 81mm

EUR 0EUR 410

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