Didzis Jonovs HAPPY CARDS Blue

Didzis Jonovs HAPPY CARDS Blue



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There are 36 cards in this deck.
Each of them is like a favorable interlocutor.
It does not value you, does not obstruct you and express your thoughts only if you want to. Think about what is important to you, draw a card and try to listen to the essence of the text written on the card. All writings are in latvian.
These cards will allow you to look at your current issues from a different, very positive point of view, encourage you or give suggestions on how to live happier.
The beneficial meaning of each card is reinforced by the ancient magic sign (runic) code.
Designed in blue and red, this is the second edition of Happy Cards.
You can use it together or always from the first (yellow-green) edition.
Sincerely, Didzis

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