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What is M50?

The name of M50 came from the address of the first store, located on 50 Miera Street. Blue doors, a bell at the entrance, small, cute house, pads with Latvian

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The price-drop in the segment of clothing and accessories within the last 20 years has let us purchase more. A modern man owns fives times more of clothing and accessories than their grandparents did. However, the quality and lifespan (not more than five times of wearing and three times of washing) do not fit the low price.

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24bottles Pudele Latvija

Go Green with 24Bottles!

Recently, we have been hearing and reading more and more of grand and important titles: sustainability, zerowaste, slow fashion, recycle and up-cycle. People shop less, spend their money more rationally and invest their time and money for modifying their everyday habits towards the right direction.

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RR Leather Accessories

RR leather workshop is based in Riga, Latvia. Each bracelet and belt is handmade by the most beautiful souls. You’ll not find another item like this, because RR team works

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