Recently, we have been hearing and reading more and more of grand and important titles: sustainability, zerowaste, slow fashion, recycle and up-cycle. People shop less, spend their money more rationally and invest their time and money for modifying their everyday habits towards the right direction.

We consist of water and we need it every day.

In collaboration with 24Bottles, we offer you a brilliant alternative of plastic bottles that will also save up your money that is usually wasted on purchasing bottled water – stainless steel bottles and vacuum flasks for both hot and cold drinks. Here, at M50, they are available in all the trendy tones and designs – his or her own bottle will be found both by design freak or lover of classical values and nature lover or hiker.

Here, at M50 store, you will find two types of bottles by 24Bottles – Clima and Urban.

Urban bottle will be a great companion to keen water drinkers. It has a wide neck for a convenient fill-up and washing, metal that does not absorb any odours, and it also has a sophisticated design – all in one.

Clima bottle is for fans of both hot and cold things. It has a double-wall, a vacuum cup that opens with one turn and a wide neck for adding ice – a true dream of drink lovers! Fill it up with hot tea in the morning, have some cold water during the day, but, as the evening comes, have a sip of your beloved cocktail. Each of the drinks will sustain their temperature, flavour and aroma and it will have no clue that something else had been there before.

Clima bottles / vacuum flasks will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They are easy to clean, take on the trip, run or casual walk. Due to diverse designs, everyone will find the zerowaste bottle that will fit his or her own taste or character.

Which one of the 24bottles designs shall become your trustful companion?

Sweet Crime Urban bottle with details and elegance of Renaissance paintings. What else can better bring  charm, femininity and beauty than roses? Glossy finishing emphasizes and stresses the colours of the model, giving an extra elegance to the bottle.

Cloud & Mist Infuser Bottle presents a subtle pattern which focuses on essential and mineral elements with an ethereal twist that guides to an elevated normality. Presented with native Infuser Lid and strainer, perfect for your tea, infused water, herbal and floral tea, brew and decoction. Sweat-free and perfect size for your comfortable daily hydration.

Smelling the fabulous scent of pink hibiscus on Soft Eternity Clima Bottle will instantly lead you to an untouched paradise. A sweet dream to always keep close. The Satin Finish adds a smooth, silky and delicate touch to the surface, while the semi-matte feel intensifies the pleasant tactile sensation.

Dark as the night, with an elegant gloss, intriguing and good-looking – this is your new Black Radiance Clima Bottle. Chrome finishing brings a mirror-like effect, elegance and magnificence to the bottle.

Regardless of whether you are a nature lover or you prefer elegant walks – just think of yourself, think of nature and choose sustainable bottles by 24Bottles. A careful user will have its bottle lasting for a long time.

Let 24Bottles become your best friend! Let it always be present and full!