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This notebook is designed to take you through a great, inspiring, joyful, courageous and fulfilling year.

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We hope you find the activities and habits you should do here. Write down your experience without tasks. Write down what you have learned from these tasks and how you balance between the things you care about. At the end of the year, look at these 12 months and evaluate your growth and development. achievements!
Elo and Elys are new mothers, dreamers and doers at the same time. The fast pace of life made us realize the importance of looking at each day at the end of the day and putting ourselves in the foreground. For us to have the strength to achieve our goals, to develop and bring joy to both our lives and those around us. This notebook is designed to guide you through this great, inspiring year, full of joy, encouragement and satisfaction. We hope that you will find activities and habits that will become an integral part of your life. Feel gratitude for each day – the little joys of life, convincing that the heart of the heart is filled with joy and harmony. Be sure to record what you learn from each task and how you balance your day between responsibilities. After 12 months, look back on your entire year, analyzing your growth and development. Celebrate small victories and feel proud of what you have done!
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