TL Candles Juniper Sachet
TL Candles Juniper Sachet

TL Candles Juniper Sachet


A sprig of evergreen with a touch of magic – that is juniper. Fresh scent with a hint of something bold – make it the scent of your happy place.

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Scented soy wax sachet infused with linden and honey fragrance oils and decorated with amber pieces.

Scented soy wax sachet is intended for use in wardrobes and cloakrooms; in winter it can also be used as a car air freshener. Aroma wax can also be melted in aroma lamps, that way filling the whole room with a delightful aroma.

To bring wonderful aroma in your home all you need is a little piece of scented wax. Choose you favorite scent and enjoy it every day!

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