TL Candles Soy wax candle with Lavender scent – Purple

TL Candles Soy wax candle with Lavender scent – Purple


To walk through the lavender field and let the purple ripples around you to take you to another place and time… But how do you hold on to this feeling and how do you take it with you? Candle with the charming scent of lavender will take you back to those summer days and magical lavender fields with their almost hypnotic scent. Besides, lavender holds a healing power, its antibacterial and calming properties has allowed this little, unassuming flower to become an iconic scent, and so it has been welcomed in every house, manor and palace…

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Light the candle and illuminate real lavender blossoms grown and picked in Latvian lavender fields that now are an adornment of this charming lavender scented soy wax candle.
Why choose soy wax candles?
Innovative and natural product.
100% Eco product, nature friendly, renewable resource.
Pesticide and carcinogenic substance free.
Soy wax candles burn slower and diffuse the scent more evenly.
Soy wax candles burns up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.
Soy wax is GMO free.
Soy wax can be easily cleaned with soap and hot water.
Soy wax melting temperature is low, which diminishes burning risk.

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